Boys with shovels spouting cheesy lines, over… and over.

My previous posts were all oriented around a particular game, discussing my thoughts and other junk. However, due to time constraints and the fact I want to update this blog frequently, I decided this post will be bit of an experiment. I will discuss what I have been playing for the last week.

Wild Arms 5 is my favorite game in the series and I thought highly of it when I initially played it last year. With its hex-based battle system and superb music, I over looked the cheesy story. My review for it can be found on GFAQs.

In the last week, I’ve been playing the game exclusively as Shadow Hearts has kind of hit the back burner. I figure with my severely decreased gaming time compared to summer, focusing on only one game will severely raise my chances of playing a game from start to finish.

Without discussing spoilers, I have played through roughly 75% of the main story and accomplished one side quest. The story seems much shorter than I remember, although the grand scale of exploring a diverse world remains. The perks of NG+ is keeping items, money, and equipment. Therefore, the game should be shorter.

It was not until this playthrough until I noticed how cheesy the story really is, even though the game does feature some humorous moments. Furthermore, I continue to enjoy the music and really regret how the 10th anniversary bundle came with an art book instead of a special CD featuring prominent tracks from the series.

One cool aspect from this game is how every playable character from the previous four entries are featured as NPCs. When I initially played through, I had only gone through WA4 opposed to now where I had played every main entry. I now recognize some of the characters and the titles associated with them.

Later this week, I expect to start the optional content which I previously ignored. I figure that this new content will continue to make the game feel fresh and expose strategies I had glanced over.

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