My Symphonia Insanity

A month ago, I beat Tales of Symphonia on Mania mode, most of which I streamed. I replayed the game as a part of my Tales marathon, where I plan to replay all of the Tales of… Titles I own.

However, with the start of a demanding job and after accumulating some new games in thanks to Amazon and from some fellow backloggers (thanks Rpggamer606 and Iowasfallen), my marathon was put on a hold. In addition, I was attempting to replay Shadow Hearts and Wild Arms 5 which simply was not happening. My solution is to put Shadow Hearts and Wild Arms 5 on hold while I play only one game at a time.

So how does another game, that I just played, wind up on my now playing? Simply put, I just wanted to play it again because I am so close to a completion. To challenge myself, instead of playing it on mania, I will play it on hard and attempt to speed run it on a low level.

These rules are the conditions of my master run attempt:
1) Nothing bought in the grade shop a part of play time, battle data, and titles. This rule means that no 10x or 2x experience and no additional grade. This rule serves the purpose of keeping my level as low as possible.
2) Lloyd will have to be the on screen character at all times. With his Ex Gem lvl 2 personal gem, he will be the fastest character on field.
3) Sheena will have her personal skill equipped as well, which will give me the chance to walk through monsters depending on her luck stat. This skill is being used in order to save time in dungeons.
4) For completion, all titles will be obtained. For those not well versed in the game, that means Lloyd cannot unequip his wooden sword until a particular battle (for Eternal Apprentice)and I cannot use gels until a certain point (for Genis’ I hate Gels!).
5) In addition, I must get Zelos in my top 3 for affection in order to trigger the scene in Flanoir. That way I can get his unique item
6) No battles can be escaped. If I get stuck in a battle, then I have to deal with it

My goal is to finish the game somewhere between 15-20 hours, which I consider reasonable. My last two runs were 36 then 50 hours.

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